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What is Half-Mile Timing?

Half-Mile Timing is a company dedicated to providing the most accurate results possible for your event. We take care of making sure all data recording is taken care of so that sports event coordinators worry about their athletes, and athletes worry about nothing but their performance. We are a staff full of athletes, sports officials, and enthusiasts ready to continue dedicating our passion for sports into a continuing life-long business.

With an awesome team, we provide the most accurate results for your meet.
The Team


Our Staff

Scott Peters (President)

Jonathan “Dusty” Smith (Sr. Operator: Finishlynx / Hy-Tek)

Cathy Peters (Sr. Operator: Hy-Tek)

Byron Dyce (Sr. Operator: Finishlynx / Hy-Tek)

Jeff “JD” Spires (Sr. Operator: Finishlynx / Hy-Tek)

Elliott Welder (Finishlynx / Hy-Tek)

Rachel DeLoach (Finishlynx / Hy-Tek)

Brandon Earle (Hy-Tek)

Seth Spires (Field Technician /Finishlynx/ Hy-Tek)

Erin Galley (Finishlynx / Hy-Tek)

Ryan Voss (Finishlynx / Hy-Tek)

Matt Galley (Field Operator)


National and International Coverages

International Meets

National Meets

Masters Meets

University and High School Coverages

University Conferences

University Meets

High School Championships


Reasons to Choose Half-Mile Timing

Our staff is composed of experienced members in all aspects of event timing and management. We have coaches, officials, athletes, and computer engineers working together to make the perfect team. We pride ourselves on being able to work with our hosts to provide the best event possible.

Here is our list of benefits

  • Fully Automatic Timing is required by the IAAF, USAT&F, NCAA, and NFHS for record breaking performances.
  • Fully Automatic Timing is required by the USAT&F and NCAA to qualify for National Championships meets.
  • Video Timing is no longer considered Fully Automatic Timing (as of 2005 National Convention)
  • By hiring Half-Mile Timing to time your meet, bias and favoritism is eliminated.
  • Hiring Half-Mile Timing will allow you to enjoy the meet or to focus on other aspects of putting on a first-class meet.
  • Hiring Half-Mile Timing will ensure that your timing crew will be experienced and confident in their abilities.
  • This will lessen the possibility for errors.
  • Hiring Half-Mile Timing will ensure a staff that has experience and knowledge of the sport of Track & Field.